Vive is a practical, innovative and honest low table with a strong personality who affirms itself at home. The user interacts with Vive to arrange it accordingly to his needs and his lifestyle. It becomes very useful to organize and tidy up all the small objects of the living room such as remote controls, books, magazines, newspapers... The removable lid may be used as a plate for appetizer. A removable cushion is used to put your feet and have a rest front of the TV. The concept is also based on the simplicity of assemblies. No tools are required to assemble this table, the legs are just screwed to the top plate. It is very quick. The colors, materials and finishes make Vive a modern low table which interprets the philosophy of a joyful interior.

The dimensions L x l x h : 80 x 60 x 37 cm. Materials : ash tree painted and lacquered metal.
(Free to edition).

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