Ombre Chinoise is a table lamp composed of a base "container" in a matt finish opal glass and a "lid" in massive wood hosting the LED light source. By a light and transparency game, it will sublimate in an abstract form the products dropped off inside by creating some shadow effects. In addition to its main function, this lamp becomes essential and the user can place all the objects he loves so much. Thereby as a bedside lamp, it is possible to put in jewelry, a watch or any other accessories we want to find in the morning. By placing Ombre Chinoise in the home entrance, it is in the same way that new behaviours and habits are created. It becomes naturally a storage compartment and it creates a physical interaction link between different users. Pick-up the mails, place them inside and switch the light on to notify, it is a bit like a materialisation of the notifications we have got on our devices. Ombre Chinoise is functional and poetic but also ludic and interactive. Everyone can imagine his own scenarios with it and it is certain that it is going to affirm itself in any interiors. It is a modern interpretation of the lamp.
Dimensions: H=312mm / Diameter=268mm
(Free to edition).

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